Purgatory of Your Love

Copyright 2003, Guy Smith, All Rights Reserved

My bags were packed, but I couldn’t walk away
I can’t leave you, but Christ, I don’t want to stay
Your heart is a dungeon, my soul lost the key
I’m damned to the purgatory of your love

Consumed by burning passion, offered false salvation
Doomed to eternally suffer your temptations
I’ve fallen from grace, friends don’t know me now
I’m burning in the purgatory of your love

I’ve tried all my prayers to be delivered from your side
I’ve tried forgiving all those times you lied
If God is sober, he’s laughing at my fate
And the devil weeps for me tonight

Release me from this torture, release from your spell
Your promise of heaven has become my private hell
Love is eternal, so tonight I’d gladly die
To escape the purgatory of your love

The story: There is only a passing biographical element to this song. Instead, this tune was crafted based on a common theme in every adult life — being in a crappy relationship that, for some strange reason, we just don’t leave.

I’ve been there . . . more than once.

The lyrics were constructed to fuse religious themes with romantic despair. It sounded fun and slightly disturbing. But I later realized that there are way too many joyful songs about “heavenly” love, so I’m happy to show the other side of the religion of love — the darker side.

If you detect any true angst in the lyrics or voice, I’ll blame it on Susan, a lover in my dim and distant past. It is way too easy to generate angst — I just by closed my eyes and pictured her. I did the same for my Jack Daniels song, which is based wholly (unholy) on her.

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