Just The Right Way (Sue B.)

Copyright 2003, Guy Smith, All Rights Reserved

When I call she can’t be found
She says she’s a bit tightly wound
And she tells me that I bring her down
But in just the right way

She only has high gear, chases early morning alarms
Cuts business deal with the brains and her charms
But tonight she’ll come to rest when in my arms
In just the right way

She just needs to get away from the world
She just wants a moment to be free
She needs to let someone else take control
And tonight, tonight, I guess that is me . . . . . .

Oh, but then I see those blue eyes
And I feel her skin next to mine
And two hearts keeping time
In just the right way

The story: Well, for once I wrote a happy song, eh?

Had a year long romance with a nice lady named Sue (no, not Susan, who I have sung about in far less loving terms). The romance was, shall we say, a near miss. She’s a great gal, and lord knows she treated me like gold. But the magic that makes a life time together just wasn’t there.

Anyway, she was an advertising exec, and so good at what she did that she owned a Porsche with a license plate that abbreviated said “Thanks Heineken” — an account she once had, and one that fed her bank account well.

Early in the relationship she said something to the effect like “You bring me down, but in a good way.” I tended to be mellow whereas her life was full-tilt. Ying/Yang I suppose.

Well, a phase like “You bring me down in the right way” was a little too addictive for my mind to ignore. So I stitched that together as the refrain and added other elements of our relationship to round out the ode. Then, without telling her that I had written her a song, I performed it during a songwriter’s competition with her in the audience. Talk about surprised!

I have to admit that Sue B. was a muse. I wrote more songs — and generally better songs — in that one year than any time before or after. The romance might not have been perfect, but it was pretty damn good.

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