Electronic Love

Copyright 2003, Guy Smith, All Rights Reserved

Pixelated affections on my screen
Long distance lovers seldom seen
Ethernet romance buzzing on the circuits tonight
Exchanging electronic love

Do emailed poems light your desire?
As I ache at the end of this wire
Are you finding pleasure alone tonight
Alone with electronic love

Does this bring us closer together?
Or conveniently keeps us apart
Technology mad, where we once had
Organic souls and analog hearts

Late night mind crashes, screen saver blink
Cyber satisfaction, but hearts out of sync
I have you scanned into my low rez dreams
Relying again on electronic love

You dial me up, but you never login – you
upload your regrets, can’t download your sin
Empty packets, disconnected
Dying sparks of electronic love

The story: First rough out of the studio. Needs a lot of work. One again I feel a great desire to fire the entire band and recording engineer … but they work for free, so I can’t complain too much.

Ever do online dating?

Electronic romance (or base tangent pursuits thereof) are quirky on their best days. At times the constant interchange of idea and salacious innuendo seem to accelerate affairs faster than sanity dictates. But the same digital connections can be used as a barrier.

For pass/aggressive types they are good for both.

There is nothing autobiographical about this song accept that I’ve endured enough cyber courtships to see both edges of the sword.

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