Cajun Queen

Copyright 2005, Guy Smith, All Rights Reserved

Goin’ down to New Orleans
Goin’ to find me a Cajun queen

Long legs
High life
Goin’ dance that Cajun woman all night

Take her up to Memphis
Show her where the good blues lives

Hot nights
Hot licks
Come on mama, show me your tricks

Take her home to Austin
Show her off to my kin

Long legs
Wild eyes
Might just make that Cajun woman my wife

The story: First, my deep apologies for the recording. It is still a work in progress.

And, there isn’t much of a story either. I was teaching myself slide guitar and hit some licks that bounced between the strumming and slide you hear in the song. I thought to myself “sounds a little Louisiana to me.” That of course got me to thinking about Cajuns and some of the too-sexy-for-words Cajun gals I’ve met.

So, I started singing whatever came to mind. “Goin’ down to New Orleans” seemed like a good start. The rest just sorta leaked out from there.

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