NOTE: None of the songs on this web site are considered “published” and the are not for the taking.  Enjoy, but don’t download.

Yes, the page is sparse. Songs have been written, yet few tolerable recording exist at present. The work is, as artist tend to say, in progress.

One Heartbreak (away from the grave): A soulful tribute to the women who have done me wrong.

Love, Perfect and Eternal: So call me a sucker for romance and for loving my wife.

Let’s Kill Adam: A psychotic tune about patriside.

Electronic Love: Death of romance in the ethernet.  Rock with more than a hint of Tull.

Eli’s: A love song that shows no matter how beaten down you are, their is hope in the soul.

My Old Friend Jack D: A blues number documenting a phenomenally rough woman, the aftermath of romance, and my life long friend Jack Daniels.

Purgatory of Your Love: Ever been in a relationship that sucks, but you couldn’t just call it quits? This is your new song.

Cajun Queen: My first slide guitar hack, and a romantic dream about a wild eyed Cajun woman.

Just the Right Way (Sue B.): A happy song, and a romantic ode. Almost done in just the right way.

Silver Spurs Cowgirl: A song about redneck romance.

Stolen Horses: A story of murder, heartbreak and revenge.

This Old Guitar: A man, his guitar, and a lot of shared history.

Pour You a Personality: A playful tune about liquoring-up the one you love and loath.

No Roots: A song about being disconnected, disheveled, and dismayed.