PMS-The True Meanings

Copyright 2002, Lori LaPerle and Guy Smith

Long ago, your Cowboy Philosopher romanced a lady who arguably had the worst episodes of PMS known to Gawd or man. Thankfully she also had a sense of humor and commented that PMS should stand for “Pity My Spouse”. That led to an hour long giggle fest where we jointly composed (and copyrighted) many alternate meanings for PMS. They are listed below and available on items of apparel so you can warn others of your monthly situation.


Pity Me Syndrome
Pity My Spouse


Potential Mother of Satan
Postal Minded Sicko
Psychotic, Mean and Sadistic
Pretty Menacing Slut
Predatory, Maniacal and Sinister
Predicable Man Slayer
Pardon My Sniper-fire
Pass My Shotgun
Psychotic Mood Shift

Bitch, bitch, bitch

Pissy Mood Syndrome
Piss and Moan Syndrome
Pardon My Sobbing
Plainly; Men Suck
Pack My Stuff


Puffy, Moody and Starving
Pimples May Surface
Permanent Menstrual Syndrome


Please My Stomach
Purchase More Shoes
Perpetual Munching Spree
Provide Me with Sweets

Weight it out Pass My Sweatpants
Puffy Mid Section

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