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As former lives fade into review mirrors reflecting red sky nights, I am relentlessly moving on to writing more, and more books.  The current catalog is thus understandably abbreviated, but with more projects in the pipeline than even Isaac Asimov could have attempted, it is time to itemize my past, current and near future literary sins.

Shooting the Bull

Non-fiction, current events, May 1st, 2011
Free Thinkers Media

STB-cover-251wShooting the Bull teaches people how to detect propaganda in real-time, using the gun control industry as my case study and whipping boy.  In a bit over 200 highly humorous pages, I dissect all the effluvium that has escaped the bowel of the Brady Campaign, Violence Policy Center, Barack Obama’s Joyce Foundation, and all the other gun control canard factories.    Shooting the Bull takes zero prisoners, kicking off with rhetorical evisceration of Sarah Brady and Dianne Feinstein.

How to get a copy

It is available in print through many online sources (Amazon, etc.) and for Kindle, iBooks, Nooks, etc.  For details and links, see


Fiction, April 2009
G3 Media

Front cover - 250wAfterlife has been called “A funny, metaphysical love story with an Italian opera ending.”

Afterlife follows the postmortem experiences of a man killed in an automobile accident, though his wife survived.  While spending his ghostly existence monitoring her coma he discovers that the mysteries of death are larger and more complex than in life.  He seeks answers to about how to stay connected to his wife and unborn child, how to cope with the numbing boredom of being a ghost, and what is known about reincarnation, oblivion and The Light.

Afterlife is notable for using humor to drive character and plot while offering acerbic views of death and life.  The story is told from a strong male perspective, which also attracts women readers who are drawn to the book’s powerfully told love story.

How to get a copy

See the ongoing book review page at

Gun Facts

Non-fiction, current events, 1999-

Gun Facts book coverA decade in production, Gun Facts is the de facto desk reference for gun rights activists.  Myths spun by the gun control industry are categorized (“assault weapons”, crime, etc.) and each falsehood filed by firearm prohibitionist is listed.  Each canard is debunked using over 450 detailed footnotes citing independent and highly credible sources (well, some come from the U.S. government, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on this issue).

How to get a copy

Visit the Gun Facts web site and download a free copy –

HP3000 Bible

Non-fiction, computer science, 1988
PCI Press

hp3000-bible-cover-250wThe HP3000 Bible is a collection of articles examining a former mini-mainframe computer system.  The articles came from the more brilliant minds in the industry at that time, including oddly enough my acquaintance Eugene Volokh, who now is a constitutional scholar and holds a seat at UCLA Law School.

How to get a copy

Forget about it.  This has been out of print for so long, only ancient and gray-bearded bit twiddles hold onto copies.