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Guy Smith Bio blurb:

Guy Smith is a writer, songwriter and political provocateur. At times Smith has been a cowboy, surfer, computer guru and a marketing strategist. Throughout he has been a libertarian and committed to expanding all freedoms and dressing down politicians in the process. “Once elected, you’re my employee and whipping boy.”

Smith contributes Op/Ed pieces to major metropolitan newspapers (San Francisco Chronicle, Oakland Tribune). He has published over 150 magazine articles and writes both fiction and non-fiction books. Smith appears frequently on talk radio programs and was an invited speaker to several Gun Rights Policy Conferences.

Guy Smith Television interviews:

Guy Smith, interviewed on Al Jazeera concerning American gun control policy in the wake of the Oakland, California Oikos University shooting, 2012-04-03.
Thom Hartmann - Big Picture - 2011-05 - 284 Guy Smith being interviewed on Thom Hartmann’s Big Picture, 2011-05-20.  Discussing a patients’ privacy rights bill in Florida that had to do with firearms.
Guy Smith | NRA News Interview at 2010 NRA convention Guy Smith being interviewed by NRA News at the 2010 NRA Convention, discussing Gun Facts and the future of the gun control wars. Guy also happened to be Ted Nugent’s warm-up act as he hit the stage right after Smith.

Guy Smith Radio interviews:

G. Gordon Liddy Show on 2011-05-18, where we discuss Shooting The Bull and the propaganda tactics of the gun control industry.

Bill Cunningham Show on 2011-05-18, where we discuss Shooting The Bull and the social benefit to shall-issue concealed carry.


2010 interview on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk where Guy Smith discusses what to expect after the McDonald/Chicago handgun ban case.

Guy Smith on Liberty Watch Radio and AM syndication, discussing Gun Facts and current events.

Other interviews can be found on the Gun Facts Media Resources Page.

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Guy Smith | standing in yoke jacket Guy Smith | leaning in yoke jacket and hat
Guy Smith | leaning in black jacket and hat Guy Smith | head shot in black jacket and hat
Guy Smith | seated in black jacket Guy Smith | head shot in thinking pose