Great Divide

If you really want to annoy somebody, do their job for them in a very public way.

This is an angle of the growing separation between American localities and the federal government. From general discontent, to increasing non-participation, to open calls for secession, the public in most states have had enough and are actively driving wedges between themselves and Uncle Sam.

When states and local law enforcement join the party, then it is only a matter of time before realignment or divorce becomes reality.

great-divide-gun-controlAfter calling for inept, unworkable and unproductive gun control laws (forgive the redundancy), Barack Obama has met little aside from resistance. The NRA, SAF and GAO instantly announced their opposition. More importantly the citizen media accelerated their unorganized yet fact-based counter campaigns (having spearheaded gun control related citizen media for 13 years, I know Piers Morgan will not invite me to appear on his show – nobody plans their own defeat). Now we see community constabulary preemptively countermanding any new federal ordnance that they find unconstitutional. They are very publicly doing Obama’s job for him, namely upholding the intent of the Bill of Rights.

Well, somebody has to do it. We know Barry won’t.

A few sheriffs in Utah have vowed not to enforce new gun control (and by “few” I mean 28 of 29 sheriffs). The relatively free California county of Mendocino has a sheriff who also is declining to selectively decimate civil liberties. Another local flatfoot in South Carolina has done likewise. Without local law enforcement support, the federal government would have to do their own policing, arrests, jailing, prosecution and imprisonment. Given that the feds only prosecute 0.3% of convicted felons caught by NICS while attempting to buy guns in gun stores, their interest in carrying the law enforcement burden will probably wane.

Then nobody will be publicly doing that job.

This new upbeat rebellion is a continuation from 2008 when the Supreme Court was reconfirming that the Second Amendment was an individual civil right. During deliberation, Montana informed the court that when it entered the union in 1889, they were perfectly clear that the Second Amendment was an individual right, and that should the court decide otherwise, that the statehood pact would be violated and Montana would be free to go their own way (automagic secession if you will). Montana was ready to defend original constitutional intent even if the federal government wasn’t. Now local peace officers are doing likewise.

Uppity states.

This is the source of the next Great Divide. States maintain their power regardless of what Washington thinks, and can deny participation in many, many ways. As Obama pushes to make our bloated Uncle Sam more powerful, states, counties and private citizens are saying “No thanks, we’re keeping control of our destiny.” This sets in motion one or more direct confrontations, which the feds will lose. No matter how large, ornery and disobedient the federal government is, they face resistance from at least half the population, and that number appears to be growing. Any Obama enactment will wither until rational minds once again occupy the White House (hopefully the GOP can find one).

Meanwhile, discounting lunatics outside of congress, a small number of passion crimes and the like, we see nearly all gun woes occurring in America’s larger inner cities. Since the mayors of Chicago, Oakland and L.A. don’t give a damn about poor people (except during elections) their killing fields will continue being populated by children caught in gangland crossfire.

Rahm Emanuel, Antonio Villaraigosa, Jean Quan – you better start doing your job lest we do it for you.

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