Corpse Coup

Twenty eight corpses hadn’t even cooled before Michael Bloomberg found a TV camera.

(Seriously – it takes about several hours for a human body to reach room temperature, but Bloomberg needed less than three to stammer about what he did not know).

Ignoring my rule for waiting two news cycles for solid facts to emerge, New York Mayor and perpetual odd job Michael Bloomberg sought to make political hay out of lifeless children before knowing even the most basic elements of last Friday’s Sandy Hook slayings. “Not even kindergarteners learning their A,B,Cs are safe,” was one Bloomberg bromide. Then again kids never have been safe in school (the worst American schoolyard slaughter was committed with explosives and not the guns Hiz Horror and religious zealots wish to take from you).

In the absence of information and common sense, prohibitionists began clamoring for gun control and the media chimed in with synchronized laments about America’s “gun culture.” Predictably, Al Jazeera called me to appear on their Sunday evening newscast and when asked about our “gun culture” I politely informed their international audience that what we have in America is a “freedom culture.”

That concept is lost on Michael Bloomberg too.

As predictable as Bloomberg’s bawling was Dianne Feinstein’s threat to do what she does every New Year – reintroduce her failed “assault weapons” ban (her perpetual deceit on this issue earned her a staring position in the very first chapter of my book Shooting The Bull). Dianne’s demagoguery exposes the never ending need for politicians to have a cause, and to play people’s emotional response instead of rationally dealing with evidence. Given that you are eleven times more likely to be beaten to death than killed with Dianne’s so-called “assault weapon”, Feinstein tempts involuntary commitment to a padded cell by promoting the useless.

Maybe Bloomberg can keep her company there.

As the second news cycle evolved, word leaked that Sandy Hook’s shooter had a lifelong personality disorder, allegedly one or another form of autism, and that he was medicated. Autism is occasionally characterized with uncontrolled violent outbursts. Frighteningly, one of the common drugs given to autistics is the same class of medications the Columbine killers were taking, and from which they withdrew cold-turkey in order to amplify their rage. So common is the link between these psychotropic treatments and deadly violence, an entire web site is devoted to listing intersections between meds and massacres.

When one examines mass murder, in the United States or abroad, the common thread is not guns or even a particular variety of firearm. The link is lunacy. A quick review of recent American massacres exposes the root cause:

This little list could go on. Nearly every instance of mass homicide is concocted by a kook. However, the complete story remains masked because our quaint legal system maintains doctor/patient confidentiality even after the patient has littered a schoolyard with bodies. Assembling a forensic mosaic requires public disclosure of all the facts that may be relevant including the perp’s prescriptions. Any right – including the right to life – can be removed with due process. Hence, the medical records of every homicidal maniac (or for that matter, any street thug) must become public knowledge to improve the public’s knowledge. Appropriate legislation can do this, and perhaps we may soon discover that the common denominator is not guns but our failure to carefully treat diseased minds (Michael Bloomberg’s included).

After all, every competent quack asserts that treating the cause beats treating the symptom.


Corpse Coup — 2 Comments

  1. Do i have the right to drink alcohol under the age of 21 in the freedom culture?
    Do i have the right to own nuclear missiles in a culture of freedom?
    Do i have the right to grow, possess and smoke certain harmless but entertaining wheat’s in the culture of freedom?
    Do i have the right to speed as fast as i want to, on a empty freeway, in the culture of freedom?

    Should people twisting and ignoring obvious global facts, constantly referring to an outdated illusion called the constitution be re-educated by forced labor in a freedom culture ? That one i highly support!

    Ahh, whatever, make no mistake, times are changing, we will take your beloved guns away from you, for the good of society and country. ;-)


  2. To fully reply to Peter would take too long, but his ramblings show a rather anemic association with basic concepts of law (minors being “non-virtuous citizens, mass endangerment regulations, public roads regulated by the public).

    Pete’s tangent was indeed tragic.

    Sadly the one point Pete missed is that to take away a man’s guns requires dodging his bullets. I suspect Pete lacks the indispensable stones to do the taking. Such is the nature of those who lack the sophistication to understand, accept and expand freedom — they squander their own by eliminating their neighbors.

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