Fattened Cats

Don’t worry about the so-called 1%.  They allegedly came by their wealth honestly.

Congress on the other hand …

During the Great Recession, the wealth gap between congress and their constituents grew at a spritely pace. At the high end, congress’s cornucopia continued growing by 14% while you and your neighbors’ prosperity plummeted about 39%. On a good day it is damn difficult to like your average congress critter. Knowing that their holdings grew as the world economy imploded illuminates two well known facts: that being connected is profitable and that pitchforks remain viable corrective implements.

Crony connectivity accounts for part of this growing wealth disparity. So does the fact that the rich (a.k.a. your representatives) know how to get richer even in bad times. Our national bad habit of electing wealthy people skews the numbers a bit. But as demonstrated by Obama’s largess to union bosses via his deceivingly described “stimulus” spending, knowing people who spend your tax money is a fast path to wealth. The price for playing loot the lucre is giving back to those that gave.

Which may explain why Democrat defalcator in congress grew fatter than their Republican reprobates.

This brings to the fore an interesting perspective on the “party of the little man.” Seventy percent of the top ten wealthiest denizens of Capitol Hill are Democrats. Even after removing John Kerry and is wealth-by-marriage, the ship of stolen state still lists left. Interestingly, two shrill succubi from San Francisco – the wraithlike former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the increasingly oval Diane Feinstein – occupy the top ten list of the Hill’s sale riche. Pelosi’s plunder makes her 1,513 times richer than the average American, which is wealthy even by congressional standards.

It is no mystery then why candidates spent six billion bucks this year to bribe their way into office. The stakes are big for these bagmen and the people for who they divert dough. The $1.3 trillion in forthcoming discretionary spending (for things like tanks and courts of law) contains enough subsidies, scandalous spending and outright grants that thieves of all flavors are granted grifting gifts. That congress continues to gratify goat farmers to make mohair for long-abandoned warware is only a small example of how your congressman redirects your taxes into your neighbors’ pocket.

Congress is the 1%. Not the wealthiest people, but the pinnacle of pickpockets, the most proficient and productive of pilferers. Perhaps occupying congress is an appropriate protest.


Fattened Cats — 4 Comments

  1. The best step any individual can take is to opt-out. Disengage from government via whatever means you think appropriate.

    Otherwise, draining the life force from congress (namely power) will require voting, constitution amendments and other very productive and viable changes to the operations and charter.

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