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When a million people knock on your door, you should pay attention.

Since FDR’s dark days, the divide between Americans who keep faith with the Constitution and those who use it for personal hygiene has grown deeper. Many like to blame Barack Obama for our perpetual political antagonism. Yet he is merely the latest manifestation of that eroding evil known as concentrated power. The backlash Barack suffers from those who seek enforcement of America’s express written will started its current fevered pitch via bank bailouts under Bush the Lesser. His errors were preceded by Clinton not serving time for perjury, tax rates that would offend serfs, “law” enforcement stealing property via forfeiture, and the ever growing militarization of federal agencies in order to evade the Posse Comitatus Act intent. It is a long and rapidly growing list of injuries and usurpations.

It is inconvenient for Obama that he is the back-breaking straw.

With his reelection, a number of people have abandoned hope for the union.  In an interestingly snarky form of public protest – the very best kind – they hijacked Obama’s own White House web site to lodge petitions for secession. Within short order, petitions were filed for all 50 states and over a million people registered a desire to disown their uncle Sam. The drive appears to not yet be waning and even serious news organizations (which excludes ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Fox, CNN, MSNBC …) have climbed their pundit podiums to pronounce what they do not yet understand.

This is just the beginning.

Freedom craving people have the quaint habit of getting what they want. Some escape authoritarian nations to breathe free, resting aside dented golden doors. Other raise arms against their oppressors, as Mubarak, Gaddafi and Assad have recently learned. Like life, freedom tries to find a way and given the tiniest patch of soil, will grow. Obama’s petition site is merely the first rains to nurture an inevitable confrontation between those who protect and defend the Constitution and those falsely pledge to do so.

Odds are long against secession, though there are many flavors of that pie. Most disconnection will be individual and private. Some folks will find legal ways of disassociation. Others will avoid feeding the beast by not paying their taxes. Many will actively subvert process and policy to waste the time, money and patience of every Federal employee. Some will make members of armed federal agencies eat bullets.

When a million people knock on your door, it is wise to listen.

But state-wide secession is not impossible. Some will argue that it is unconstitutional, though this matters not if the Constitution is in a state of perpetual violation. It is possible to create functional disengagement by states. This takes many forms, from denying federal policy through non-cooperation to actively arresting and incarcerating federal agents for unconstitutional activities. It might involve permitting citizens to discount their tax payments, to offset federal thievery and then defanging all IRS agents and federal courts within state borders. It could involve mobilizing reservist to enforce practical separation and to protect its citizens.

Petition protests are not always mere pleas for redress. They are often battle flags – polite warnings that intolerable conditions preface inevitable consequences. They are literary cannon balls flying across the bow of dictator yachts and ultimatums nailed to doors. They are warnings both to oppressors and oppressed that unless correction is forthcoming, corrective action is unavoidable.

When a million people knock on your door, it is wise to listen … and obey.


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  1. Here is what I want (from 2009) “Secession From Slavery To Free Scientific Society”:


    In essence, the idea is to institutionalize “voting with your feet” by ensuring that when some snarky devil, says “OK, don’t let the doorknob hit your butt on the way out. Good luck finding a place to go since you can’t have any territory!”, you can say, “You’re talking exile and what has been institutionalized is secession. Webster’s has something to say about the relationship between ‘secession’ and ‘territory’. Look it up, you snarky devil you!”

    From the intro to that essay:

    Secession is necessary to free society. Free society starts with mutual consent. Mutual consent implies the option not to consent. “Freedom From” compliments “Freedom To”.

    Secession is necessary to true social science: We can best discover causal laws by testing theories with controlled experiments. This is true of all science. Controlled experiments require separate experimental groups, treated according to different theories and comparing the measured results with predictions. In practice, human ecologies can form separate experimental groups only by upholding geographic boundaries that prevent cross-contamination between treatments – cross-contamination with its resulting confusion and confounding of results. We can argue how best to achieve this in practice, but the principle of giving experimental evidence priority over any amount of argument, debate, deliberation, peer review or judicial proceeding stands as more self-evident than anything in the Declaration of Independence.

    In a free scientific society, an individual is subject to treatment only after giving informed consent.

    These two pillars of social good — truth and freedom — stand upon the foundation of secession.

    Tyranny of the majority, limited only by a vague laundry list of selectively enforced human rights — the sine qua non of “liberal democracy” — must submit to the right to secede or it violates truth and freedom, hence all social good.

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