Cast Die

Elections have consequences.

Within a week we have seen a reelected Obama resurrect the movement for global gun control (and by his imaginative staff’s misinterpretation of the Constitution, overriding the Bill of Rights) and one businessman going Galt while laying off employees en masse. With congress facing a minimum of two years gridlock, Obamacare will entrench resulting in more of the latter, and many Americans will begin their quiet subversion against our belligerent Uncle Sam.

Anyone surprised by this chain reaction is a political child best ignored by adults.

Obama’s obsession with gun control and using treaty law to make more of the stuff is unsurprising, for he sat eight years on the board of the American gun control industry’s financier, the Joyce Foundation. He confided to gun control succubus Sarah Brady that her wish list would be granted “under the radar” and after reelection. The mysterious failure, based on American non-action, to move the U.N.’s gun control scheme forward this summer past was a delaying tactic. The process was fully reanimated the day after Romney lost the election. This was predictable and often predicted.

So was the reaction by people not enamored with fascism.

What I know of Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged and Objectivism is academic. Gleaned from conversations with Randy fans and scanning a Wikipedia entry, the fictional corrective action – of going Galt and no longer participating with an evil government – is the book’s value proposition. To see Galtism occur in the week of Obama’s reelection, resulting in over a hundred newly unemployed people, is as unsurprising as Obama’s gun control dash.

Lines have steadily sharpened between those born to the American promise of freedom – the simple notion of being left alone to pursue happiness – and those who worship the lumbering God called Government. Obama is a master of division, advocating discriminating taxes, hand-picked denial of personal prerogative, selected sequestering of civil rights and open class warfare. He further excavated the deep divide between those who view the world – including America – as a forced collective and those who would prefer death.

Short of violence (which I predict will occur), disconnecting from the machine remains a very individualistic means for creating corrective force and appears to confirm Rand’s predictive prescription.

So why did Obama win? When upwards of 66% of voters despised Obamacare, with American attitudes toward gun control becoming more disapproving, with the American economy not measurably improving under his watch, with socialism failing around the world and Obama proffering more of it … why did Romney lose? With the cards so convincingly stacked against Obama, how could Romney not runaway with the election?

It comes down to trust.

Three factions divide the GOP, they being the Goldwater libertarians, the Reagan classic conservatives and the Bush neocons. Thus, the GOP has no central soul, and as a by-product nominated a political opportunist – a shape shifter driven by achievement instead of ideology. With the bad taste of Bush still in American mouths, with the GOPs more lunatic fringes being over exposed by American media, and with Romney’s past policies colliding with his campaign promises, independent voters – the ones who decide elections and who wait to the last moments to make up their minds – went with their guts. Two weeks before the election, Romney was in striking distance of the Electoral College tally. By election day he was nowhere close. There was no defining moment that caused this shift, with the possibility of Hurricane Sandy, which might have heightened voters “stay the course” instincts.

The steady voter gap degradation was independents making up their minds. Romney failed to sell because the product he pitched didn’t look authentic. Too vague on spending cuts, to polygamous with policy, too insincere sounding with stump speeches. The market didn’t buy the Romney brand, and thus didn’t buy Romney.

Cast dice now tumble down the tattered felt of America’s essence. We know where Obama will try to take the nation. We see the beginnings of active resistance, of Galt-like separation. As Obama marshals government slave masters, those strong enough to break their chains will do so in quiet and occasionally very public ways. We face two or more years of a growing struggle between those who seek control and those who will become fond of reviving the art of Red Coat target practice. The economic situation will grow worse, political anger will rise, and John Galt will become a household word.

Maybe it’s time for me to buy a copy of Atlas Shrugged. Perhaps the map away from serfdom is in those pages.

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