Institutionalized Ignorance

What do Hillary Clinton and Algerian Islamists have in common?

No … they don’t both report to Muslim bosses.

Hillary and Algeria’s foreign minister both recently showed a preference for institutionalized ignorance. By perverting or masking information contrary to their respective religions, both have subjugated fact, theory and freedom. Granted, Hillary’s God is socialism evangelized via class warfare whereas the Algerian’s God is more organic and promoted using traditional warfare.

Both are about controlling you.

While speaking her alleged mind, Hillary warned some of her fellow United Nations nightcrawlers about the vaporous “elites.” Reclassifying the term as “people with means”, she said “The elites of every country are making money. There are rich people everywhere. And yet they do not contribute to the growth of their own countries. They don’t invest in public schools, in public hospitals, in other kinds of development internally.”

I guess she failed to notice the factories, jobs and huge donations to charity.

What is disturbing about Hillary’s jest is that it was designed to appeal to people of small intellect (hence her choosing the U.N. to utter it). Her alleging that well-heeled folks do not contribute to the betterment of society, either through honorable largess or conscripted contributions, is demonstrably false and the canard is perfectly obvious to anyone unburdened by ideology. To make others believe this particular lie is to stoke flames of envy and expand government dominance of your neighbors.

An unsavory lie that leads to unholy theft.

In the same news week, the foreign minister for Algeria suggested insanity to the same U.N. (what is it about the United Nations that attracts people of flagging mental stability?) Without offering specifics, this fellow requested that the U.N. enact censorship of the Internet to prevent upsetting the sensibilities of some easily agitated Muslims. In effect he advocates making people ignorant by “protecting” them from offense. In doing so facts are evaded as effectively as when Hilary masked facts about the beneficial effects rich folk have on society. Both Hillary and the Islamist seek to expand control over people by hiding information, insight and perspective.

Willful ignorance may be stupid, but institutionalized ignorance is evil.

Jefferson acutely noted that “Ignorance and despotism seem made for one another.” We know what conclusion must be made about those who engineer ignorance, though the cure is open for debate.

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