I’ll indulge in some measure of fiendish joy by suggesting to my left-leaning San Francisco neighbors that Barak Obama and Richard Nixon may soon share adjoining pages in history books.

Disposing of partisan puffery, and being a member of no major political party, my partisanship is simply nonexistent, the country has almost witnessed the unfolding of a White House cover-up. I say this because some members of the mainstream media and the Obama re-election committee (am I being redundant?) have avoided reporting on the Fast and Furious gun running operation. For NBC Nightly News viewers, allow me to recap the important and indisputable facts thus far.

Under the most favorable interpretation, this is a massive instance of governmental imbecility (am I being redundant?). Yet stupidity can be forgiven in the absence of evil intent and in the presence of full contrition. However, when Eric Holder, head of the Justice Department under which the BATFE operates, was repeatedly called before congress he was evasive and uncooperative. Months passed after congress asked for internal communications that might enlighten the public about how decisions led to the monumental malignancy known as Fast and Furious. It finally culminated this week when Holder met with congressional investigators and offered them a deal whereby he might provide them the requested documents if the investigators declared him compliant in advance.

Holder’s fidelity to delivery of documents matches Bill Clinton’s fidelity to Hillary.

With Eric Holder unwilling to cooperate in ways that transparently illuminate the case, a congressional committee voted to declare the head of U.S. law enforcement to be in contempt of congress. Granted, every thinking American has contempt for congress, but this legal charge is equivalent to a judge siccing the police on you for failing to appear at your hearing. The properly vested authority for congress to investigate governmental illegalities has been functionally ignored by the government agency charged with enforcing the law. So Barack Obama intervened, taking a chapter from the Nixon playbook.

We all know how well that worked out.

Obama called upon executive privilege, a quaint piece of constitutional law that allows a president to not play with congress when it interferes with him performing his duties. Naturally this begs the question “What duties were Obama involved in that led to gun smuggling and border agent homicide?” Senator Chuck Grassley asked the same question, saying “How can the President assert executive privilege if there was no White House involvement? How can the President exert executive privilege over documents he’s supposedly never seen?”

Obama’s maneuver has Tricky Dick cranking 4500 RPMs in his casket.

Of all presidents to protect themselves under the guise of executive privilege, Nixon played the game hardest and lost large. Having participated in a cover-up of a burglary – in which, unlike Fast and Furious, nobody died – Nixon invoked executive privilege to obstruct congress and justice. This caused investigators to sue Nixon and the case rapidly reached the Supreme Court, who eventually rejected the notion of “absolute, unqualified Presidential privilege of immunity from judicial process.”

Dick Nixon resigned 15 days later.

The timing of Obama’s intervention does not bode well for his reelection. The Supreme Court is about to recess until the first Monday in October, five weeks before the election. It took the Supreme Court less than three weeks to rule against Nixon, and given the deeper degree of precedence that created, it should take the Supremes even less time to obviate Obama. Since undecided and independent voters tend to make up their minds in the last weeks before an election, losing this decision and having to disclose potentially damaging documents in October will torpedo Obama’s already leaky reelection ship.

“Fall” may be an appropriate word to use this October.

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