“Honour was honour, it clothed a man better than a fine jacket before the eyes of his neighbors.”

This passage from John Prebble’s Culloden explains why Barack Obama has lost the south and may from that lose reelection.

Prebble was writing about Scottish Highlanders in the age of Jacobite revolution. Among the tribes of Scotland, and in their modern mindset, honor is elemental. In societies that rely on mutual trust to survive, honor is essential to commerce, neighborly relations and commitments. To live in a land where one protects his honor and demands honorable actions from all others, to forsake that substance means to lose human standing.

After The 45, once the English had raped and hung Scots, burned their homes and salted their fields, many Highlanders fled for the New World, settling largely in the south. The Smokey Mountains and Appalachian terrain suited them. Highlanders brought their families who were in tatters and their honor which was still intact. This contributed to the widespread sense of honor that seeps into most southern men’s blood to this day (and with Dixiecrats occupying more and more terra firma, honor is rapidly solidifying). The Southern code of honor requires treating everyone with respect until they prove unworthy, and nothing makes a man more unworthy than to be dishonorable.

This explains why Obama has no traction below Washington D.C.

Honor requires many things, and in no small part is facilitated by leaving your neighbors alone while demanding the same. It is expected to insist others behave properly in public, but it is utterly inappropriate to tell them what to do in their homes or with their money. It is honorable to give generously to charity and loathsome to demand tribute to government run charities. It is honorable to stand for office on the promise to tame government and make it your servant, and vile to use government to enslave.

As is obvious, every Obama policy is repugnant to Southern honor, which explains that large swath of red in the latest Election Projection presidential polling map.

Southerners recognize government as necessary yet prone to abuse. Obama, in his election year vow to “make government cool again” did the opposite by force feeding it to an unwilling American public. Enacting Obamacare when as much as 69% of the public opposed it, reneging on his vow to use only public financing for his election, to spend nearly a trillion dollars promising economic revival but actually buying government union votes with the lucre, to squander taxes on energy policy “investments” with unworthy and dishonorable campaign donors … well, the pattern emerges. No action, regardless of how noble it was spun, masked Obama’s deeply dishonorable deeds.

In the age of the citizen media, such disreputable doings were instantly revealed, and people with honor abandoned Obama.

It is agonizing to write this on Memorial Day, when tribute is paid to those who proved they possessed the ultimate in honor. The contrast is too sharp, the divide too clear. Fallen warriors gave their very being to preserve a land dedicated to the most honorable notion, that people must be free. That their country is now oppressed by a man unfamiliar with honor, unacquainted with universal freedom, devoid of the character content that another Southerner deemed sacred – this situation is our collective moment of dishonor.


Honorless — 4 Comments

  1. You sir are a truly honorable gentleman and it was an honor to read your wonderful piece!
    A New Eangland Patriot
    (among the few that are left!)

  2. A masterful, well-written piece, sir … thank you. My concern is this: How many honorable beings, southern and others, remain? Hopefully enough to effect this monumentally important election. God bless America and keep our fallen soldiers under his wing.

  3. Very well written but I disagree . I do not view the south, with a history of enslavement of black people and the KKK a place of honor. Although, there are many who would never do such unspeakable things to their fellow man, they all should have rose up against it. Things may be quite different now, to a degree, but it is still a place where the confederate flag still is proudly flown. This flag although created for representation for Southern pride, instead represents to a majority the memories of racism. Would it be honorable to wear a swastika around a Jewish population? I do not find Obama any more “dishonorable” than many presidents come and gone before and Bush started a war that the majority of people did not support. Fight the terrorists, yes, then go to the terrorists; not what Bush did. Honor is very much defined anymore by what personal interests one supports but shouldn’t honor be more defined by what is morally right than individually right? You may disagree but that is what I feel. I support Obamacare, call me stupid if that is what you think but it is my right and my opinion. Being a single Mom who pays insurance premiums out of my pocket I gladly welcome any help I can get. I DO work full time and do not get subsidy from the government, but that is only because I don’t have to live in the Ghetto to afford the cost of living and because I have family that helps me when I need it. There but for the grace of God goes I. I appreciate your thoughts and opinions, as you are an eloquent writer but I do not agree with Obama shining in dishonor, a lack of respect before he even took office was evident in this Country, that to me sir was dishonorable of our government and many of our fine US citizens.

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