Equal Rights

The other evening, Jon Stewart (a.k.a. Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) of the Daily Show carped that in our federal theft society we all pay for things we don’t like. In ignoring the constitutional imperatives therein, Jon abandoned differentiating between enumerated collective commitments (e.g., having an army) and undocumented personal privilege (e.g., free contraceptives at your bosses expense).

Such is the inanity of comedy absent anchors in reality … it appeals only to smaller minds.

That being said, my favorite funnyman paints the picture painfully and pointedly. If a woman’s privilege to have her medications paid for by someone else is affirmed, should not subsidizing enumerated rights be as well?


Equal Rights — 1 Comment

  1. GREAT cartoon. Too bad we won’t see anything like this on MSM.
    Like bumper sticker photo I forwarded to my email list sez:
    ”I’ll pay for your contraception when you pay for my ammunition.”
    Powder River, let ‘er buck. . . .

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