Trust Mistrust

All relationships are built on trust.

This marketing truism sounds trite, but in all examinations of every type of relationship, an absence of trust creates and absence of a relationship. When I amble down to the corner saloon for an end-of-day distilled brain relaxant, I trust the bartender to serve an honest pour, the bar management not to water down the hooch, and the distiller to not include kerosene as a flavor enhancer. Three distinct forms of trust create the one momentary relationship between me and two fingers of brown attitude equalizer.

Marriage is the apex of trust. When a person stands before their newly minted spouse, gathered families, shaman and alleged deity, and rattles off a laundry list of pledges, it is a public declaration of the highest order of trust. It is a personal promise to be the one person the other can depend on, come what may. Oaths of fidelity (sexual, emotional, spiritual) and support (physical, financial, logistical) assure one’s proto-mate that they have less to fret over in the future.

Which is why Clinton/Gingrich style infidelities are first-order betrayals.

When marriage commitments are made, a person in effect is surrendering to “perfect” faith via death pacts. In exchange for a supreme level of commitment and trust, you are being promised the same in return. In this mutual offering, one’s heart lightens in the belief that a mate will always have your best interest at heart. Conscious violation of any tenent becomes a horrific violation of the pinnacle trust any of us can obtain. Broken vows of any imperative commitment can reduce a person’s ability to ever trust fully again.

So why does anyone trust government?

The House is charged with wise investment of public funds to facilitate proper and frugal execution of an enumerated list of tasks, yet in going beyond the bounds we set has driven America into interest escalation bankruptcy. The Senate is charged with assuring that treaties do not violate American sovereignty and that judicial nominees hold the original meaning of the Constitution as sacred, yet has frittered away American interest and infected the entire judicial branch with anti-constitutional statists. The Supreme Court is charged with enforcing the letter and limited intent of the Constitution, yet has allowed unchecked abuses of that document by the other two branches. All members of each branch take an oath to do what we The People told them to do, yet have done the opposite.

In other words, every entity of our national government has violated our trust. I fear soon we will have no alternative but to file for divorce.

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