Mistaken Mobs

Seth Godin, the homeliest man since Henry Waxman, presents never-ending and hyper intelligent insights into what works and what doesn’t. Waxman has yet been spotted saying anything intelligent, which demonstrates that the traits of diminished physical beauty and smarts are not linked.

One recent Godin missive accurately dissected the difference between failure and mistakes, where failures are experiments that produced undesirable results, and mistakes are repeating failed experiments and expecting something new to happen. Thomas Edison relished in failure, noting that “I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.” Edison was, however, bright enough to never bother repeating failed experiments.

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is not likewise burdened.

Endearing as juvenile free speech may be, it typically lacks essential elements for making change. OWS has generated little aside from media attention and several metric tons of refuse left for tax-paid employees to clean-up. Frustrated children, when tired and denied what they want (even when they don’t know what it is they desire) throw tangent tantrums, as OWS did by blockading west coast ports last week, preventing goods from arriving to consumers and factories, keeping truck drivers and longshoremen from earning paychecks.

Said one formerly productive truck driver “They should occupy a job.”

Common failures are being repeated by the OWS mobs (and we must now classify them as mobs since their protests have morphed into disrupting other people’s freedoms). Repeating three well known failures makes OWS a triple mistake.

First, OWS is a disorganization without real leadership. OWS was an idea virus launched by a Canadian anti-consumer magazine to form an unconstitutional American commission with an end goal of dividing money from government. Ignoring the fact that Canadians meddling in American internal politics provides ample justification to relocate the wall project from the Rio Grande to upstate New York, we must marvel at the notion that money can ever be separated from government since American government, in its modern form, has always been about organized theft of people’s money. The two cannot be separated, though taking the product (government power) off the shelf would vastly reduce the number of buyers in the political influence market.

Hence, OWS has no real leadership and thus tends to wander from topic to topic without ever articulating a policy. The absence of anything resembling a leader causes OWS’s accumulated rabble to act out in predictably unpredictable manners, such as shutting down ports and robbing truck drivers of the right to feed their kids. Despite some attempts by ad hoc individuals to foment followers, OWS remains without figureheads who can marshal the mobs toward a victory, much less a goal.

Note to OWS: Having a clear goal is the first step, even before banging rocks together.

Their second failure is the lack of clear objectives. To be kind (which is difficult given the broadside bulls eye OWS provides writers) the Tea Party didn’t have clear goals when they started. But it took a month for the initial Tea Party goal to solidify, namely unelecting anyone who had a hand in unconstitutional bank bailouts. Recently the occupiers have started splintering into factions, dragging single issue separatist in different directions. Shutting down ports was the first incarnation of internal disarray. I look forward to their proposed march on Egypt – given how the local military there enjoys shooting their own citizens, premature respiratory failure for American socialists would be guaranteed.

Note to OWS: Pick a battle … any battle … then stick with it. I suggest the Egypt march.

Their last mistake is the ages old error of demanding a powerful government authorized to commit robbery. The never masked undercurrent of OWS protests are naked calls for every flavor of authoritarianism from mild socialism to overt communism to violent overthrow. History, being the report card of failed experiments, shows that powerful and centralized government has the unhappy side effect of crushing everybody. It is odd that in one breath OWS oddballs decry the state-sponsored theft of bank bailouts, then during inhalation demand more state-sponsored theft to plunder the rich and nationalize everything. Interestingly one splinter faction within OWS simultaneously bellyaches about bank bailouts while begging for taxpayers to pay-off their student loans.

Note to OWS: Didn’t your parents advise against a degree in Russian literature?

The benefit of experimentation is that you can measure failure. When the test is repeated and the same results occur, you can predict the probability of it failing again. I predict OWS will be a mere memory come November 7th.


Mistaken Mobs — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve been loosely following this ‘movement’ since way back in June, when AdBusters first put up the site.

    So… a great big ‘thanks’ for your insightful article.

    It’s unfortunate the people involved seem hellbent on being angry – at whoever/whatever – and refuse to take the time to read, listen, see, or understand the errors in their blindered point of view… sad really.

    Anyway, thanks again.

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