State of Denial

Why is California an intellectually backward state?

The amalgamated mindset of the Golden State views itself as progressive, leading, positively superhuman.  For California to fall behind 82 percent of the nation on any topic, especially one where the lives of its citizens are concerned, makes thoughtful folk reevaluate state-wide sensibilities.  For California to be clueless, to languish in outdated thinking of bygone generations, is seemingly absurd.  To be shunned by intellectually superior bastions from Wisconsin to Mississippi may well give a complex state like California an inferiority complex.

ccw-map-2011-06-10-350wA national experiment has been conducted over the last 25 years, one that defied the irrational and bigoted beliefs of older generations. The results have invalidated “common sense” misconceptions while advancing knowledge about society, government and “those people.”  Yet California retains outmoded memes and an anti-intellectual political mindset. In the past two and a half decades 82 percent of the states in America have made it possible for any adult without a criminal record to carry a firearm in public (click the pic for a bigger version).

In no case did violent crime rise.

Despite predictions from politicians and other suspects, in every instance when compared to national trends, violent crime either stayed the same or decreased in states where citizens regained their right to public self-preservation. These regions included large states with huge inner cities and significant ethnic diversity (Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc). From the Old Estate East Coast (Maine to Florida) to the newer western shores (Washington and Oregon), from border to border (Michigan to New Mexico) and nearly all points in between, people reviewed criminology reports and saw that at worse, nothing would change, and at best violent crime would erode and decided to adopt enlightened and informed thinking.

Except California.

The Bear State is bearish on intellectual insight, prompted by politicians with Pol Pot like desires for centralized control (though it is unclear why they admire the management style of that community organizer).  Ignoring prerogative and situational variance – such as visiting ATM machines at inconvenient hours – dimmer California demagogues distain the discernment of forty one other more progressive states.  Assemblyman Anthony Portantino passed on perceptiveness saying “You don’t need a handgun to order a cheeseburger.”

But you do if your ex-husband is stalking you.

Select California statesmen like Portantino confirm the old adage that those with the most opinions have the fewest facts.  Yet facts catch-up after vacuous sound bites fade into the political ether.  In no case has a state that renewed citizens’ rights to public self-defense suffered from rising violent crime.  As America went from having a mere ten concealed carry states in 1988 to forty one today, our national violent crime rate steadily decreased.

California struggles to maintain old falsehoods, much as the Dixiecrats of the old south did. Whereas those Democrats were ostracized for their backward and uncompassionate beliefs, so too are California’s politicians, chewing their sour grapes in the Grape State and imposing upon its people intellectual isolation.

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