I wouldn’t want to be Eric Holder this week … or any other week for that matter.

eric-holder-1-280wPeople suspicious of centralized power and politicians (a.k.a. realists) are marveling at the unfolding saga of Project Gunrunner, an administration sanctioned scheme for shipping armament from American gun stores to Mexican drug cartels.  As with many scams, this one was exposed by people within the system (in this case law enforcement personnel) and is highly embarrassing to those higher up (in this case Eric Holder and his more befuddled boss, Barack Obama).

A subset of Holder’s Justice Department is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), which despite its name is not in charge of entertainment in Detroit. This organization is tasked both with stopping illegal gun trafficking and enforcing gun laws.  The BATFE caused a minor congressional coronary when it was disclosed that the agency actually encouraged people to engage in illegal strawman sales, that BATFE agents using fake IDs acted as strawmen buyers, that they engineered the illegal guns to be routed to Mexican drug cartels, and caused an American border patrol agent to die.

Ignoring the more fundamental issue of inane acts of government in general, and Eric Holder’s teams in particular, it is instructive to note how the situation is being handled by the same incompetents.  Given that the canard of American civilian guns causing havoc in Mexico has been routinely debunked, one has to wonder why this administration condoned the BATFE activity and why Eric Holder apparently is withholding information.  Conspiracy theorists think that Obama, seeing that the “guns-to-Mexico” buncombe was bust, wanted to assure a significant amount of American armament was trafficked there.  This would help justify his openly started intent to participate in a Latin American gun control scheme.

Most people don’t believe Obama is smart enough to conceive such a con.

Holder’s holding-out is heinous.  Certainly it is embarrassing for a law enforcement department to indirectly kill members of other law enforcement agencies.  Given that the president of Mexico complains about American guns in his disarmed nation, an American president shipping them there wholesale is also a stunner.  Yet Barry Obama’s administrative reluctance to admit a mistake, investigate promptly and disclose fully raises suspicions in the minds of every rational person.

Congressmen too.

Investigations will continue.  Several congressmen smell blood, are issuing more subpoenas, and even discussing holding Holder in contempt for his failure to deliver the requested evidence.  The last time we saw this level of congressional investigation and executive dodging resulted in a presidential resignation.  Let us frame the unfolding folly by naming it Holdergate.

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