D.C.’s Decline

It didn’t happen … again.

Seems whenever proponents of gun control – the perpetually confused and fearful critters that they be – watch law and society move against them, they predict Armageddon.  When America had only ten states allowing people to carry concealed firearms, and Florida had the Audacity to Hope to Change that, every anti-freedom politician and two-bit flack hollered that Thermopylae levels of blood would flow through the streets.  Three decades and 31 states later, it didn’t happen.  In fact, crime has fallen, especially the violent variety.

Even in bloody Washington D.C.

fenty-1Handguns had been canned in capitol for a few decades, and in that time the rate of homicides and other handgun horrors shot-up.  In 2008 when the Supreme Court told Washington D.C. that disarming The People was verboten, the same set of incontinent ideologues sounded similar warnings.  The City’s Mayor Adrian Fenty said “Introducing more handguns into the District will mean more handgun violence,” ignoring that his handgun-free nirvana had plenty to go around.  He also opined to Newsweek, that bastion of illiberal literary larceny, “What you find now is a plethora of guns in the city {GS: where they are banned}, which makes it easier for a pretty common domestic dispute or a robbery gone bad to end up in some type of violent shooting,” and in regard to self-defense shots said “for every one or two situations like that, there’s at least 20 where a handgun in the home is used against someone in the home who innocently owns the home.”

Now, two years after the Supreme Court told Fenty’s town to allow more handguns (owned this time by the law abiding and not the law abusing) we see a rapidly falling D.C. violence vibe.

Homicides dipped 9% last year to the lowest level since JFK caught a bullet (from a rifle, not a handgun).  It had fallen 10% in the first year after the Supremes said shooting burglars was justified even inside the beltway.  Rapes, robberies and aggregated assaults are also descending toward almost acceptable levels.

D.C.’s Police Chief made a number of unsubstantiated claims about the cause for less caustic attitudes in the District of Crime.  She said that gang intelligence has improved and that her department focused more on violent neighborhoods, which is a standing tradition in law enforcement elsewhere but a novelty in the same town where the Bill of Rights is on display.  This flew in the face of Mayor Fenty’s fevered flimflam, where he responded to Newsweek’s post-Heller inquiry of Is it possible to draft regulations targeting criminals specifically? By saying “I don’t think we would ever draft a law in which we would single out any particular person or group.”

Odd.  I thought government was supposed to single out criminals?  Perhaps that is an unwise policy in a city littered with the elected variety.

Regardless of the cause of D.C.s drop, it is clear that returning the right of self defense to The People did no measurable harm and may have caused a few thugs to ponder their own mortality before breaking and entering a possibly armed home.  Once again politicians were proven wrong, which occurs with alarming frequency … in D.C.

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