You say Halo …

… and I say goodbye.

Since March I have predicted Barack Obama will be a one term president. My prognostication (more of a diagnosis, really) shocked local liberal friends who thought this cowboy had lost the last of his gray matter, the rest having been beaten out of me by bull kicks to the cranium, above average whiskey consumption and a few agitated women with blunt objects. I’m told that of late certain radio pundits have made similar predictions about Obama, but I cannot attest to this as I don’t waste time listening to professional takers.

New evidence surfaced overnight that Obama is already waddling like waterfowl on crutches.

Nobody with even disposition and functioning dendra thinks that Barack Obama is a smart fellow. A sly politician, sure, but such critters are only suitable for modeling tar and feather fashions (Fashions for Fascists, a new ABC reality TV series). Obama has perfected the stump speech and uses a teleprompter better than anyone else. However, his mastery of economics is MIA and his dithering over Afghanistan shows the inelegance of inaction. He understands the mechanics of power, assembling cohorts and funding to win his elections, which in party politics is the essence of leadership.

Last night his leadership sputtered.

There were two elections for governor yesterday, and the Democrats lost both. Polling and the alleged electability of either Democrat is irrelevant to the discussion. What mattered is that Barack Obama campaigned heavily for both candidates, and yet his halo shown so dimly that it left his party in the dark. His messianic momentum has been mired by his mismanagement – his policies have produced pique. This former force of nature has been exposed as a mere politician, and his coattail were clipped.

Failure to produce causes failure to motivate.

In politics, and most particularly in the Democrat party, favors are everything. Never is uttered the phrase “what have you done for me” but “what have you done for me lately“. In the first election since taking office, Obama’s presence produced nothing. For all the support he received from the field, he was unable to generate returns – in much the same way he failed to co-opt the healthcare system, his number one agenda item. His halo has gone dark.

Hyena come out at dark.

Whereas Republicans are accurate marksmen, able to shoot themselves in the foot without effort, the Democrats are pack animals worth shooting. But packs have unspoken rules, the most important of which is that the leader must remain strong. Once weakness is shown, the alpha male is challenged. Once challenged his struggle for survival is not from predators outside the pack, but from within. Barack Obama proved only one thing in this election – that he cannot win elections for people in his party. His presence provide no pull. The alpha male has shown he cannot protect the pack, and the pack will now predictably turn on him.


You say Halo … — 2 Comments

  1. As noted in the article “Nobody with even disposition and functioning dendra thinks that Barack Obama is a smart fellow.” Now, noting that there zero relationship between cowboys and rednecks (something a worldly and educated person would understand), we can only assume that “Dont Ask” is neither.

    But more interesting and instructive is his odd statement concerning “not running the country on fear any longer.” Fear seems to be driving much of the left’s agenda, or at least as practiced by the current administration and my own Nancy Pelosi. This is not peculiar to the left, they simply have a different flavor or fear than the right.

    Luckily, being a free man and a libertarian, I don’t bow to fear from either camp. Blessed be the libertarians for have already inherited themselves.

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