Trashy History

An enduring and accurate accusation of the Bush administration is a reluctance to admit to mistakes. Bush and/or his operative eventually confess when it becomes painfully obvious that they screwed one or more pooches.

Obama is made from the same unsavory cloth. Two instances come immediately to mind.

Most recent was his now (in)famous punch line concerning putting lipstick on pigs. I have many years of experience in public speaking and recognize the common tactics used to communicate to and elicit responses from an audience. Obama’s use of well placed pauses before and after his punch line were employed to build anticipation of a memorable comment, and then to wait for the audience to get and respond to his reference.

The audience‚Äôs reaction shows they understood Obama’s veiled referral to Sarah Palin, McCain’s “lipstick pit-bull” running mate. The audience certainly was not amused by any novelty in the idea of pigs wearing lipstick — that line was in common circulation before I was born and is a staple of American business, engineering and politics. Everyone present had heard it before.

The problem is not so much that Obama did a dumb, dumb thing. We all do, and I for one have scars to prove many of my mistakes (and, no I cannot reveal the names of those mistakes but will leave it to say that I did have fun earning those particular scars). But Obama refused to admit he had made one. When flack flew after his remark, instead of confessing that his comment was unkind and unwarranted, Obama instead tried to bake the brouhaha as McCain pie.

“They seize on an innocent remark, try to take it out of context, throw up an outrageous ad, because they know that it’s catnip to the news media,”

It is George Bush all over again. Soon enough we’ll hear Obama tell Biden “You’re doing a heck of a job, Joey.”

American flags tossed in the trash by the Democrats at their Denver conventionThe other instance Obama’s intellectual infidelity concerned some flags — and by “some” I mean several thousand — left behind as trash at the Democrat convention. It is impossible to mistake flags sharing rubbish bags with empty snack sacks, water bottles and ripped campaign signs. Stadium workers would not have bagged them as trash had they not been left as such. At very worst the Democrats National Committee made a bad assumption that their delegates possessed the modicum of patriotic pride required to take their flags home. After all with Flag Day, Memorial Day, and the 4th of July they could easily and effectively be reused. Worse perhaps is that the DNC had no plan for recovering and reusing these symbols of the Republic. One might think that the allegedly greener party would have such a recycling program in place. But the extravagant waste of money involved is more symbolic still.

More American flags left as garbage at the DNC national conventionWhen caught, Obama and his surrogates tried once again to dodge responsibility and make their lack of oversight a McCain issue. Karen Finney, the Democratic National Committee chief cretin claimed “John McCain … wrongfully took leftover bundles of our flags from the stadium to play out a cheap political stunt calling into question our patriotism.” As evidenced by photography, the DNC has an odd notion of how flags should be “bundled”. Also as evidenced by Ms. Finney, Obama’s party simply doesn’t give a damn.

Obama and the DNC’s desire to evade responsibility are too Bush-like for any man’s comfort. It is odd that the primary Obama campaign theme is that McCain is another Bush term when Obama himself shows the worst recurring trait of this administration.


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  1. Guy,

    Great observation. Obama as Bush imitator!

    Just discovered your blog by one of those serendipitous bits of link-following. And despite my disdain for almost all things political, just a quick read of a few of your entries convinced me to add “Cowboy Confessional” to both my blogroll and RSS reader!

    Keep up the good work!


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