Aligned Resistance

The federal government blinked.

Militia taking posts at Bundy Range War standoffThere was an armed confrontation between disgruntled citizens and a well-armed federal government this past week. When the confrontation approached real bloodshed levels, the federal government backed-off. How this happened and what it means for America moving forward is confounding delightful, though left-of-center statist will disagree (then again, nobody likes being a loser).

The abbreviated backstory is that a Nevada rancher, who claims ancestral grazing rights on public land, saw his cattle being rounded up by the feds. I won’t argue who is right or wrong as it is immaterial to how the situation was, for the moment, resolved. What is important is that the Rancher resisted, used social media to enlist help, got politicians as well as members of the unorganized militia to come to his side, achieved world-wide media coverage as a result, and made people in Washington realize that shooting citizens is bad policy.

Though that mattered little at Ruby Ridge or Waco.

As the standoff evolved, we saw armed citizens take Continue reading

Cover Story

The wonderful thing about citizen’s media is that it blows peoples’ covers, even when those covers are provided by the likes of CNN and NBC.

Recently, a California state senator – Leland Yee – was charged with numerous crimes including conspiring to smuggle military armament into the United States. This caught many by surprise because Yee has labored to enact gun control in the State of Disaster. It is a rather profound news stories with tales of drug deals, campaign slush funds, illegal donations and deadly guns. It seems everybody heard of the story.

Except CNN.

CNN Search for "Leland Yee"

For a news organization to not write about a capital crime committed by a public official is odd at best. Yet CNN – the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” – failed to cover the story. When questioned about this oversight in a Tweet Trade, CNN writers professed to “almost never” covering state senators.

Despite CNN having covered Leland Yee many times in the past (click to enlarge).

For a corporation consumed by modern media, they should investigate more than just Yee – they should investigate turning off their own web site search engine. Turning to this tool’s own tool, we see than CNN has reported on Leland Yee eight other times for such dramatic and controversial items such as gun smuggling shark fin soup, video games, and springing youthful murders from prison. But not a single peep could be found concerning his attempts to import surplus military weapons from Muslim terrorists into the U.S. of A.

CNN appears to be following NBC’s lead.

NBC took their own sweet time reporting on the Fast and Furious scandal that occurred Continue reading

Political Sociopaths

Politicians are sociopaths.

Well, not all politicians. But those favoring gun control certainly are, and recent news indicates that ones from California are doubly so.

Sociopathy is an odd disorder which robs people of the ability to authentically care for humans. Politicians can certainly fake empathy, much like men can fake romance. Yet your garden variety baby-kisser is more interested in obtaining power than they are about the welfare of each individual. They openly demonstrate the dictionary’s definition of sociopaths:

A person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

Leland Yee has an a+ rating from the Brady CampaignHence gun control is a sociopathic program. Nobody and no government can know in advance the self-defense needs of each individual in their particular circumstance. The single mom sheltering kids in a gang neighborhood has different needs than the estranged wife of a drunkard husband. Both differ from the L.A. bodega owner in the middle of a riot, or the rural rancher, or the patriot waging a counter-insurgency against a sociopathic government. Gun control is, by its very nature, anti-social … almost as anti-social as arming thugs to make a buck.

Which brings to the fore the curious tale of Leland Yee, California’s leading sociopath. Hailing from here in San Francisco, Yee has been a strong advocate for restricting everybody’s ability to defend themselves in the mode that makes sense for them. His legislative efforts in the California capital include:

  • Outlawing rifles that employ detachable magazines.
  • Have every gun owner reregister their weapons annually, even if the status of the owner has not changed.
  • Require subjective mental health evaluations for gun owners, with the guiding criteria of “mentally healthy” undoubtedly being defined by him.
  • Limit people from buying more ammunition than he thinks they need.
  • Preemptively ban gun parts produced by 3D printers (which presently are nearly unusable anyway).
  • Require all guns to be “properly” stored when no adult is at home, regardless of a lack of non-adult residents.

His roster of sociopathic legislation is longer, but this abbreviated list shows that the power to control citizens is his objective, not the objective understanding that comes from knowing that he cannot predict their individual needs. He simply doesn’t want the average American to own guns.

But he wants to help people smuggle guns into the country and sell them to African warlords.

News broke last week that Leland “Uncle” Yee was stung by FBI undercover investigators trying to arrange arms to be smuggled Continue reading

Julie, Live

Her hands swept left in game show hostess mode, one slightly further than the other and palm toward us. The other was palm up. She smiled broadly, sincerely, with a hint of mischief in her eyes as if she were entertaining herself more than her audience.

The other flight attendants were not nearly as animated.

julie-comicAboard a southbound turboprop, the crew had taken their stations. With three-mile fixed stares – the ones you use when encountering begging bums in the city – all the other blazer-wearing workers pantomimed emergency procedures, pointing in the vague direction of aircraft exits.

Not Julie. Her gestures were extravagant caricatures, complete with fingertip flourishes. This was our first hint that Julie was either a woman of her own design or insane. Passengers started to chuckle and Julie tossed a wink to a small child who didn’t quite understand her skit, but was entertained nonetheless.

I won’t insult Julie by calling her matronly. Let’s just say she had reached that certain age where romantic indifference gave way to dietary indulgences. Julie was comfortable in her own skin and early wrinkles. Over the years she amassed millions of air miles and a comedic repertoire with which to enchant or manhandle the small mobs that invade aircraft. No interaction was without gayety or comedy. She channeled Mae West when slinging booze at unmarried men a third her age. Julie sashayed in the isle to ensure passengers understood the correct operation of seat belt buckles. She quipped about giving the pilot forged flight documents and that we were all going to enjoy a nice vacation in Paris. She was simultaneously professional and fun.

And very happy in a mundane job.

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Lao Charlie

I was sipping tequila with Charlie, the Laotian/Frenchman/Portuguese fellow, on a hill top in Mexico.

People like Charlie are why writers eavesdrop on conversations. Sometimes people’s stories are better than the ones writers dream-up. That this vaguely Asian-looking man was leading a pack of tourists on ATVs over jungle roads in Mexico was a little odd in and of itself. But appearances are deceiving and overrated.

sierra-madre-mountains-view-atvCharlie (I did not bother to ask his original name for fear my southern tongue would mangle it) was a Laotian orphan. Laos, like much of South East Asia, was once a French colony. Despite relinquishing control of the turf in 1953, the French maintain both influence and presence, including revolving diplomats. Charlie’s adopted father was one of those, and his Portuguese mother made for a rather spectacular traveling show once they bugged-out, landing in Mexico for more diplomacy work.

“You a Chinaman,” his Mexicans classmates would taunt. Kids can be cruel … at least until someone is cruel to them, which either brings civil enlightenment or creates sociopaths. Were it not for taunting and lost love, Charlie might me one of the happiest fellows alive, but both took tolls. “I used to look in the mirror at home, crying and ask ‘Why do I look like this?’” Asians are still rare south of the border, I suspect because they did not escape poor countries in the east just to inhabit poor countries in the west. Charlie’s taunting did not end in childhood, though Mexican adults have not been as openly antagonistic.

“Americans simply didn’t care,” was Charlie’s assessment, having wandered up the west coast for college and a change of scenery. Perhaps California wasn’t the best exploration of cross-culture attitudes since the Left Coast has been home to Asians since the black tide swept a few folks out to sea and landed them from Vancouver to San Francisco (even ancient Aztec art shows people who appear to perpetually squint). “They didn’t even think I was Chinese … well, most didn’t. But Americans didn’t call me names.”

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